Empty Feeling

After Monday’s loss to Boise State, Virginia Tech has a sick feeling in their gut. If anything, they should’ve won that game.
After being down 17-0 after the first quarter, VT made a FG and was down 17-3. The second half would thus belong to Virginia Tech. After their first quarter special teams woes, VT went into the half down 20-14.
In the third quarter, VT had 2 TDs and went into the fourth up by one. They eventually were up by four and that douchebag Kellen Moore threw a TD with about a minute left. Boise St. went on to win, 33-30.
What’s this all mean?
Well, it’s great for Boise St. Since they beat the only great team they play this season, they will probably make the national championship game (unless Oregon State or another WAC team can work some Appalachian State magic). Unless Oregon St. can take down Boise, they’re poised for a pretty end to their season.


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Sports lover, MW2 Addict, And I actually stumped the schwab thank you very much.
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